Important information

Documents for entering into a car rental agreement

If you want to rent a car, you will need to present the following documents (copies of the documents shall be attached to the original copy of a rental agreement):

  • valid passport (a copy of the document shall be sent to us) or personal identity card (a copy of both sides of the document shall be sent to us);
  • driving licence (a copy of both sides of the document shall be sent to us);
  • your address and phone number;
  • head of a company’s proxy (for legal entities only);
  • company seal.


Countries that you can go to by our cars

You can rent our cars to travel around Lithuania. If you wish to go to other countries, you will need a written agreement.



A deposit (from 150 to 500 euros) shall be paid before picking up a car. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD or MAESTRO) or cash. If you return the car in good condition, as defined in the rental agreement, the deposit will be refunded.


Replacement car

Depending on our possibilities, we will provide you with a replacement car if a rented car breaks down, some car accident occurs or it becomes impossible to operate the vehicle due to some other reasons.


Delivery and return fee

There is no delivery (or return) fee if you pick up a car from or return it to our office in Vilnius. For an additional fee of 15 euros, we can deliver and pick up a car at any time in Vilnius City or Vilnius airport. For an additional fee of 60 euros, we can deliver and pick up a car at any time in Kaunas City or Kaunas airport.



You can book a car at, by email at or by calling us at +370 690 64 444. Having completed a booking form, you should wait for a booking confirmation. It will be sent by email to the address you have indicated or we will call you. Having received the booking confirmation, you shall make an advance payment of 150 euros. This payment will be included in the car rental price.


Mileage restrictions

The maximum average daily mileage is 300 km.


Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 3 days.



Car prices in the tables are applicable only to journeys in the territory of Lithuania. Those who wish to travel to other countries may expect higher prices. UAB “Z Autoservisas” reserves the right to change prices for new and unconfirmed bookings without prior notice.


Unforeseen circumstances

In the light of unforeseen circumstances (when a rented car breaks down or some car accident occurs), UAB “Z Autoservisas” reserves the right to cancel the booking of the car by informing the client about the cancellation by email or telephone in advance.


Feel free to contact us in the most convenient way:
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